You can have a calm, confident and natural birthing experience by following these
PROVEN relaxation techniques!

Dear Mom-to-be….

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!  Now just relax… right?!

Now that you’re pregnant,
have you found yourself  consumed with the fear
and anxiety of actually giving birth?

I was in the same situation!

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Are you wondering how will you cope with the pain and the fear of the unknown?

This is usually the time when shear panic sets in.  You’ve changed your
mind!  You don’t want to go through with it, but it’s too late.

This is when you start questioning everything!


  • How much will it hurt?
  • How will you really know when you’re in labor? 
  • Will you be able to have a natural childbirth?
  • Should you consider an epidural?
  • What if you need a caesarean section?
  • Should you have a midwife/doula?
  • Will your baby be healthy
  • Will you be able to breastfeed
  • What if you turn psycho on your partner?


The list of fears can go on – and on – and on!  Even humor doesn’t seem to help.

But listening to Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Audio Meditation can most definitely help!!


Diane’s labor stories…..


“Believe me, I know how painful labor can be…I’m living proof!. 
I’ve had two amazing boys and two very different labors!

One labor was painful and one was not….and believe me, less pain is the way to go.

“I too had all the same anxieties about labor and delivery until I learned how to relax and expect a positive, wonderful birthing experience.

These techniques were so simple and they worked!  Even my husband was surprised to see how in control I was for my second labor.


The Transfomation….


He and my doctor just stood there in the delivery room saying what a great job I was doing.  And once I was ready to push, my doctor literally caught my son in his arms.

What a difference this was compared to my first labor which was filled with hours upon hours of excruciating back labor!  I think if I had been a little more prepared (mentally) it may have gone more smoothly.

I must admit that I did have one melt down moment during my first labor.  After a few hours of constant contractions I opened my eyes and found my husband with MY oxygen mask over HIS mouth. He was supposed to be helping me but was feeling a bit “woozy” himself and
needed some oxygen he said!!

And that’s why…

I’m revealing these simple proven techniques to have a calm, confident, and drug-free labor.

And to give these techniques even more credibility…they were actually taught to me by my own doctor!

How lucky I was to have a doctor who really cared about me and my pregnancy.

Once I learned how amazing these techniques were, and how well
they worked for me, I wanted to share them with all moms everywhere, who were going through the same thing I was.

And their results were wonderful too!

What is Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Meditation?

This is a beautiful, relaxing 15 minute audio where I walk you through relaxation and visualization techniques.  Step by step you will learn how easy it is to relax.  You will also learn helpful breathing techniques that you can use when you are in labor.

How do I use it?

The meditation audio is perfect to listen to during your third trimester.  Listen to it a few times a week and work up to a daily 15 minute relaxation ritual JUST FOR YOU!   You will be amazed how quickly you will be able to get yourself into a relaxed state.

Remember this download can be used on your phone, tablet or laptop.
BE SURE to bring it with you when you go into labor.  It will be a familiar, calming influence as you begin your labor.

When you listen to my MP3 you will learn how to:

  • Relax in a matter of minutes with this proven technique
  • Relax your mind, and you’ll relax your body and be ready for labor
  • Discover how easily you can repeat this process over and over again whenever you need
  • Enjoy the calming feeling of total relaxation
  • Practice these techniques in the comfort of your own home
  • Share this experience with your partner.  Involve them in helping you through this process.
  • Relieve daily stress and anxiety using a proven safe method
  • Treat yourself to some important ME time
  • You will want to share this beautiful process with other moms-to-be! 

It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s effective.

Download Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Meditation NOW
and begin your pregnancy relaxation journey today in the comfort of your home.

Get proven techniques for a calm, confident & pain-free labor.

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Baby Lullaby

The Baby Lullaby will be a comforting sound to play for your newborn once you are home.

Experts suggest having some sort of noise or music for your baby during their first few months as it will help them relax.

It was specifically written for this MP3 and is the background to my meditation audio.  As you listen to the audio while pregnant
your baby will hear and feel everything.  So it only makes sense that when your baby is born the Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Meditation music will be a memorable soothing lullaby.

“Luke absolutely loves the baby lullaby! Thank you so much for your Relaxed Labor Pregnancy audio program.  During  my 18 hr  labor it certainly came in handy.  Lukas G.H. was born April 6 @ 4:49am – he absolutely loves the lullaby audio.  Thanks again.”  Sarah B.

For a limited time get the Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Meditation and BONUS Baby Lullaby for 50% OFF using promo code:


Here’s what people are saying Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Meditation:

“These techniques helped me to concentrate and relax during labor and when I was uptight during the pregnancy. I practiced these techniques daily. This was my third baby and I remembered how to relax during contractions. It was a beautiful delivery.”

Susan Paterson

“The audios helped me figure out a way to keep calm. I did also use it as a tool to help me in labor. With great relief.”


“I heard about this at a conference I attended. We primarily use it in CBE class. Sometimes it’s used by me- I’m always pregnant! We love it and use it every series of classes we teach”

Melissa Cowl CD. Dona

Download and start relaxing now!

For a limited time get the Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Meditation and BONUS Baby Lullaby for 50% OFF using promo code:



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